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Aug 24,  · Remember this:By using the "copy/paste" function of "OPERA MINI v6" or "UC" browser you can write bangla or type bangla from your mobile anywhere in the net via this application,not only Facebook wall post or comment or notes,anywhere means all wap or web site you browser from your mobile.

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FUNNY Bangla Comments PHOTO. 46, likes · 95 talking about this. I am very glad because I provide huge funny photos and facebook comments photos. WASHINGTON ― On Friday, readers of the new morning email put out by Mike Allen awoke to a little nugget of news. “One of your favorites is getting their own MSNBC show,” he teased in the.

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If you are using Android Smart Phone, It is a very common problem to write the comment, post, message on Facebook in Bengali. Not having installed a Keyboard on your device that supports Bengali typing is the main reason for which you can't write on Facebook Comment. That is, why don’t we first concentrate on what we can do to prevent young girls, or anyone else for that matter, from being blown to bits by year-old theologians.

Fb bangla write a comment
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